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Kennel visit

* Accessible to everyone


Visit of approximately 1 hour of the 68 husky-Alaskan dogs.

Come pet the dogs and spend time with them.

Come play with the puppies.

Ask your questions to the Mushers about the life of Nordic dogs.


Prices per person

  • Adult: $28.75

  • Teenager 13-17 years old:  $18.75

  • Children: 2-12 years old: $12.50


Low season schedule: 11:00 am and 3:00 pm

Schedule from July 01 to August 31: 1:00 pm

 Visit by reservation only

Mandatory materials:

  • Long pants

  • closed shoe

  • Clothes that don't mind getting dirty

  • A long-sleeved sweater (suggested)


   * In order to improve your stay with us,add the Cani-hiking to your visit.

Take full advantage of the Alaskan Aventure experience!

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